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The Ultimate Bridge Between

Crypto and Everyday Money

Join our Social Experiment and Redefine Currency with DBK Digital Tokens. The Inflation-Proof Solution That Pays You Just for Holding Them. Discover Sound Money 3.0 Today!

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Discover the DBK Coin

The Trustworthy, Stable Digital Payment Solution. Built on Blockchain Technology and DiamondBack's Proprietary Trust Model, DBK Coin is a Global Payment Mechanism that Bridges the Gap Between Crypto and Fiat Worlds. Enjoy Stability, Safety, Transparency, and Value in Your Transactions.

Our Mission

DiamondBack's mission is to create a seamless bridge between digital and fiat currency. We believe that everyone should have access to a token that has real-world value and can be used in both digital and physical marketplaces around the world, regardless of socio-economic status.

Our Vision

DiamondBack's vision is to become the world's most trusted asset-backed digital currency, a currency that retains its value and can be used by everyone, everywhere, every day. We are committed to building a future where everyone has access to safe, reliable, and empowering financial solutions.

Introducing DBK Stableprice Coins

The Real Money for Real People in the Digital World. As a new version of "Sound Money," DBK Coins are designed to have intrinsic value based on the fiat or crypto value used to purchase them, offering stability and reliability in a volatile market. With DiamondBack, you can experience the ease and convenience of using a stable digital currency that holds its value in times of economic uncertainty.

Built on the immutable blockchain, DBK Coins serve as a bridge between the worlds of cryptocurrency and fiat currency, providing a safe and secure on and off-ramp for cryptocurrency. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the way we think about money and empower people around the world with innovative financial solutions.

Why are Stablecoins so popular?

With a daily trading volume that surpasses even that of Apple stock, stablecoins have become a popular choice for investors seeking stability in a volatile market. These coins are designed to minimize price fluctuations by being pegged to a cryptocurrency, fiat money, or exchange-traded commodities.

At DiamondBack, we've taken the concept of stablecoins to the next level with our innovative Stableprice token. Simplistic, stabilized, scalable, and secure, our token provides a reliable means for transactions and is designed to be usable in business and remittance as a 1-to-1 exchange with the US dollar. Plus, as a DiamondBack Club* member, you may receive rewards and bonuses that help offset and even exceed USD inflation, ensuring that your DBK tokens retain their purchasing power over time.

Why are rare Diamonds real assets?

  • Exceptionally rare diamonds historically gain value over time

  • Diamonds are easy to store and transfer

  • Diamonds have intrinsic value

  • Diamond values are tradable as a commodity in the real world via the DBK coin

  • As a tangible asset, diamonds offer a unique investment opportunity that transcends traditional financial markets

  • DiamondBack is committed to providing innovative financial solutions that empower people to invest in real assets with confidence.

Empowering Inclusive Financial Solutions for the Digital Age

The DiamondBack Group is at the forefront of innovation in the world of finance, pioneering inclusive payment solutions that bridge the gap between legacy systems and cutting-edge digital ledger technology (DLT).

Our team is driven by a passion for disrupting the status quo and creating real-world solutions that can be easily understood and adopted by anyone, regardless of their level of financial expertise. With a portfolio of in-process patents and financial innovations, DiamondBack is blazing a trail in the digital world by blending traditional financial concepts with blockchain technology to create new paradigms for the future of finance.

The DBK Trust Model

The DiamondBack Trust Model provides users with the assurances required to choose and utilise the DBK Stableprice coin. It involves the integration with several top-tier financial companies that give the DBK coin users a level of trust, security, safety and transparency via the DiamondCubes. The following relationships ensure the highest level of integrity

DiamondBack Trust Model Partners

Advantages of the DBK Stableprice coin

Built as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, the DBK Stableprice coin can easily be moved or traded anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Asset Portability

DiamondBack integrates physical as well as digital storage of value compatible with blockchain platforms.

Inflation Free

DBK’s digital currency may provide an inflation free alternative to otherwise volatile currencies via the DiamondBack club rewards and incentives.


Trust partnerships with top-tier reputable organizations, building the trustworthy foundation necessary for a sustainable model.


KYC and AML of all transactions ensure compliance with best practices as applicable under various jurisdictions.


GIA graded diamonds secured by a third-party trust and regular audits by renowned firms bring transparency to the Trust Model.


Built on the blockchain to achieve significant benefits, including greater transparency, enhanced security, and greater transaction speed, at reduced cost.


Send and receive digital token, with little or no cost across the world without any banks or financial institutions.

March 2019

DiamondBack engaged Winchester Global Trust for the Trust Services for DBK Diamonds.

March 2019

Engaged Willis Tower's Watson Insurance Lloyd's of London Syndicate and Winchester Global Trust.

April 2019

DiamondBack engaged Clifford Chance Law Firm a top-five worldwide legal firm specializing in Securities Law.

September 2019

Engaged PwC as Business Advisor for future asset verification audits to assure customers that they can trust DBK Asset Holdings.

January 2020

Signed agreement with AlphaPoint, to Integrate the DBK Token on AP Exchange platform software so that DBK could be the stable-coin of choice offered to over 80 exchanges. (This offering was put on hold pending adherence to regulations and formulation of final design of innovative static price ERC-20.)

March 2020

DiamondBack retains Brink’s Global Services the world leader in fine jewel and precious metals transport for DiamondCube’s secured storage.

September 2020

DiamondBack EU license granted. DiamondBack obtains license for mobile wallet, license to issue coins, and license to have DiamondBack's proprietary exchange.

October 2020

Conferred with Chainalysis for KYC and KYT oversite.

November 2020

DiamondBack Partnered with SEED Group to access the middle east market and established a payment service provider fintech license in Dubai, U.A.E. (further licensing and partnership will resume when UAE forms their crypto regulations in the future.

December 2020

Re-affirmed Estonia E.U. license to provide financial services and exchange virtual currency for fiat (government issued) currency, financial services providing a virtual currency service.

Q1 2021

DiamondBack initiated a pending, to be announced partnership involving credit and debit cards, digital currency, and private settlement services as well as access to the world’s largest exchanges.

Q2 2021

DiamondBack began filing multiple trademarks and patents for the DBK Trust Model and proprietary technologies. These pending patents cover the DBK business model and other aspects which are unique to the crypto industry. Trademarks are particularly rare in the crypto industry. For example, anyone can use the Bitcoin or Ethereum logos name and likeness legally.

Q3 2021

DiamondBack announced listing on exchange. However both DBK and the exchange opted to enhance regulatory adherence including the ability to be listed with stock tokens, aka stokens, therefore sales were halted with this particular partner until regulatory measurements have been met.

Architecture design complete on the DBK coin sales and ecosystem, proprietary p2p b2b payment network.

Q4 2021

DiamondBack engaged with Delchain Crypto Services (Delchain manages billions of Tether stablecoin tokens which are the most traded crypto-currency in the world)

Q1 2022

Build out of Mobile App, Web Wallets, DBK Token static ERC-20 begins

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

DBK Tokens integrated with for upcoming launch via their app/exchange with 500k existing users.

Q4 2022

Integration with Barclays Bank for Visa Debit cards complete with EU bank approval.

Q1 2023

Established pre-selected teams and media personalities wishing to partner with DBK after public launch. Because DBK rewards users for holding, large endorsements will not create a pump and dump like they do with other crypto assets.

Q2 2023

Fine tuned patent-pending business model, static pricing exchange dynamics and reward mechanisms (both firsts in this industry). 

Q2 2024

Obtained long awaited proprietary Static Price model confirmation from, now covering 50 out of 50 US states and 180+ country integration. (A new DBK website with extended information is will be released in July.)  

DBK expected to open public access with exposure to over 1 million users and the ability to have gasless, free, instant transactions throughout the majority of the worldwide population.  

Q3 2024

Service Providers

Management Team

The DiamondBack leadership team consists of highly experienced performance-oriented
crew of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise.

William Eng

CEO & Co-Founder

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Ingrida Laukiene

COO & Co-Founder

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Peter Pang


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The DiamondBack Group Advisors

The DBK Board of Advisors is composed of highly experienced experts from various niches to provide insight on various business trends to assist the DiamondBack community in the goal of achieving continued growth.

Aaron Etra

International Legal Advisor

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Patrick Graf

Payment & Reward Innovator

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Grant Spurling

Chancery Legal

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CEO, The Loyalty Superstore

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Pavel “Pasha” Biryukov

Technical Advisor Blockchain/Banking Systems

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DBK Mobile App

Coming Soon

DBK to Launch on Leading Exchanges Worldwide in 2023!

We're thrilled to announce that DBK is set to take the world by storm in 2023, with listings on leading exchanges with millions of users worldwide. Our mission to create a stable, reliable digital currency that bridges the gap between traditional finance and the exciting world of cryptocurrency is about to take a major leap forward, and we couldn't be more excited to share this news with you.

As we gear up for our global launch, we remain committed to building a community of passionate investors and innovators who share our vision for a better, more inclusive financial future. Whether you're an experienced trader or new to the world of crypto, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey and help shape the future of finance. Stay tuned for more updates and information on our upcoming launch!

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